Zero to Launch

Placing a bid on a Scott Kelly "Year in Space" NFT.

TelosEVM is one of the fastest, greenest, and most affordable smart contract platforms available to date. Purchasing an NFT from Scott’s collection means your NFT is on a carbon-neutral blockchain. This guide will show you how to place a bid on your very own unique and sustainable “Year in Space” NFT.

The primary steps we’ll cover include:

  • Download MetaMask

  • Create and connect a new TelosEVM account

  • Add funds to that account,

  • And finally, place a bid on your favorite “Year in Space” NFT.

Starting from Scratch

I have no crypto wallet or assets

First, you’ll need to download MetaMask onto your preferred device.

  • Follow instructions to “Get Started” with an Ethereum account

  • “Create a Wallet”

  • Copy your recovery phrase somewhere SAFE.

! WARNING ! It is very important to keep your secret recovery phrase secret and safe. Nobody can help you recover funds if you forget it, and remember to never share it.

Your MetaMask Secret Recovery Phrase (YouTube)

Success! You now have an Ethereum Mainnet account, and are ready to move on to the next step.

Running Start

I already have MetaMask and maybe assets to use, but need a TelosEVM account.

Now that you have MetaMask downloaded and setup, navigate back to the Scott Kelly NFT website, and click “Connect Wallet”

  • MetaMask will now walk you through creating a new TelosEVM account and switching to that new account.

That’s all! You’re now connected and ready to add funds to your TelosEVM account and place your bid.

Flying Leap

I already have a TelosEVM account logged in with my MetaMask

  • Purchase TLOS

If you haven’t acquired any TLOS, you’ll need to do so before you can purchase an NFT. Telos ($TLOS) is listed on various exchanges (see Appendix).

  • Deposit to your TelosEVM account

There are many methods to do this, see the Telos Helpdesk guide for instructions on the various ways to deposit TLOS to make your bid.

Tip: (non-US users) and KuCoin allow direct withdrawal to your EVM address


Great news! All you need to do now to place your bid is navigate back to, then:

  • Choose the NFT for which you’d like to place a bid.

  • Type the amount you’d like to bid to and click “Make Bid”

  • MetaMask will ask you to approve the transaction, and in .5 seconds, your bid will be placed on the TelosEVM! View it at

Note: This is an “English Style” auction, so after the initial 48 hour auction period is over, a bid placed within 10 minutes of the end time will cause the bid to continue for an additional 10 minutes, unless another user places a 10% higher bid, starting a new 10 minute timer.


Centralized Exchanges (CEX):

Decentralized Exchanges (DEX):

BEWARE: Anyone can list a coin/token on a DEX. Whenever you’re trading on a DEX, make sure to check if the contract address is correct since there might be fake clones made by scammers to deceive people. View the correct contract address of TLOS in the next section.

On Ethererum:

On Binance Smart Chain:

On Telos native:

On Telos EVM:

Contract Addresses for TLOS

TLOS exists on three blockchains – Telos, Ethereum and BSC.

It is natively used on the Telos blockchain and also has the pegged versions (in the ratio 1:1) on Ethereum and BSC which can be bridged (

Contract address of TLOS on the Telos blockchain:

  • eosio.token

Contract address of TLOS on the Ethereum blockchain(erc20):

  • 0x7825e833d495f3d1c28872415a4aee339d26ac88

Contract address of TLOS on Binance Smart Chain (BSC/bep20):

  • 0xb6c53431608e626ac81a9776ac3e999c5556717c

Custom token details on Ethererum/BSC:

  • Name - pTokens TLOS

  • Symbol - TLOS

  • Decimals - 18

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